From planning to mechanical assemblage, we offer a full range of services to satisfy all your industrial needs.

The company is specialized in the design and construction of molds as well as in the pressing of stainless steel and metal sheets, their screen printing, laser cutting, bending and soldering.


Since 1975 we offer reliability and quality in stainless steel and metal sheets manufacturing to the leaders in the sectors of automotive, lighting, coffee machines and mechanic industry.
We are the ideal partner to support you with our expertise in metal manufacturing.

Stainless steel and metal sheets mold design

We design molds for the cold forging of metal sheets and any equipment for mechanic industries.

Stainless steel and metal sheets mold construction

The indoor tooling department is able to autonomously create molds from design development to the final test.

Stainless steel and metal sheets pressing

CAMI is a reliable supplier and qualified partner for industrial companies thanks to the wide stainless steel and metal sheets pressing areas.

Stainless steel and metal sheets laser cutting

A dedicated area for laser cutting is able to satisfy any production type as well as providing immediate support for potential pre-series of the components which will dispose of cutting molds.

Stainless steel and metal sheets assembly, soldering, and bending

A department for bending, automated soldering, brushing and assemblage is able to create any kind of component from paper to the final assemblage finished with complex details.

Stainless steel and metal sheets screen printing

A speacilized area is set up for the screen printing of any stainless steel component, varnished or polished metal sheet, both with ink and laser technology.


Our company also deals with the creation of finished products thanks to our building equipped with hydraulic and mechanical presses, with transfer or automatic arm from 100 to 2000 tons. Our building consists of:

* Fiber laser with automatic warehouse
* Robotic soldering stations
* Ink and laser screen printing
* Assemblage stations
* 3 and 5 boards cnc milling cutter up to 3X8 meters work bench
* wire EDM
* Hydraulic presses
* Mechanical presses
* Transfer presses
* Mechanical presses

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